My Story


I would like to tell you a little of my journey to find wellness and how I found my higher purpose. I didn't always look like I do now. After having three children, and taking care of everyone except myself, my weight soared over 200 pounds. My body was falling apart. I had high blood pressure, a knee problem, which left me unable to walk up and down stairs, bursitis in my shoulder, and arthritis in my hip. The prognosis from the doctor was not good: medications and surgeries. My first reaction was to feel sorry for myself. I kept overeating and became even more depressed and bigger.


The picture of me on the left was dificult for me to look at but I wanted you to understand my story. I realized I needed to make some changes in order to have a different way of life. I sought out diet books, websites and various programs. I studied until I found the truth about what works and what does not. That was the beginning of my journey to find wellness. I am now 80 pounds lighter and am able to live life normally again. Are all of my problems gone? No, but I am healthy now. I am strong with a healthy amount of muscle, great flexiblity and low body fat. I am able to go on hikes with my children and keep up. I did not need to have any surgeries and I do not take any medications. I am here to tell you wherever you are, it's never too late!

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I have maintained my fat loss for over fifteen years now. It wasn't easy finding out the truth about how to have a healthy body, but it should be. This is why I became a health and fitness professional and why I am so passionalte about helping others find the truth. The truth sets you free!


You can change your destiny, your condition, and your circumstance, as I did. You can improve you quality of life. Your body is a gift to you; to enable you to do what you want with your life. YOU have the power to change it!